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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of the Emoc Group platform.
By subscribing the Emoc Group services you are agreeing to the terms and conditions and all other policies and principles that regulate it. You also declare that you are a company, legally constituted or a related entity, stating that all the information provided is true and accepting responsibility for its content and accuracy.
Accepting the terms and conditions is absolutely necessary to use the services provided.

Subject and Content

The subject of the following ´Terms and Conditions´ consists in providing a platform for the real estate sector which is intended to promote and advertise properties.
The Emoc Group platform is available for exclusive use to whoever subscribes the service. Its use is expressly prohibited outside the terms and conditions here mentioned.
Conditions to access Emoc Group
Subscribing the Emoc Group service implies an online purchase.
Subscribing the Emoc Group service does not presuppose the purchase of intellectual property even though its use is only allowed during a valid subscription of the service and according to its terms.

Emoc Group is not responsible for data input in the platform and website. In the event of data loss, Emoc Group cannot be charged to liability. All website graphic content (headers, scripts, icons) are the property of Emoc Group.


The purchase of a template is done individually per website.
The same subscriber can purchase additional templates to be applied on multiple websites, by individually paying for each one.
Extra features can be purchased online at any time, individual pricing applied.
The right to add or discontinue templates from the shop whenever deemed necessary is reserved.
The activation of extra features varies according to each template.

COMMISSION (Tick the box which applies, delete the alternative)
Our commission will be calculated at a rate of 2% of the contract selling price exclusive of VAT. If the contract selling
price is higher or lower than the price at which the Property is marketed then our commission will be correspondingly higher
or lower.

Payement of Fees – Investor
By signing this Agreement you give EMOC GROUP authority to submit our invoice to your Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer
following exchange of contracts, for payment immediately based upon a percentage of the agreed price on that date and
provided there is sufficient balance of the proceeds of sale to settle our fees in full. If any of our fees remain outstanding
you must pay us direct. At our discretion payment can be delayed until the completion date. However if for any reason
completion is delayed or does not take place within thirty days of exchange our fees become payable with immediate effect.
By signing this Agreement you confirm that you will give authority to and instruct the Solicitors or Licensed Conveyancers
acting on your behalf on the sale of the Property to pay the agreed commission plus VAT upon completion or within thirty
days of exchange whichever is the earlier. If the rate of VAT should change, the rate charged will be that applicable on the
date of the invoice. If the Property is part-exchanged with other premises our fees will be calculated on the full market value of the Property
with vacant possession on the day that the exchange takes place. If a sale is agreed and contracts are exchanged for an unconditional sale of the Property due to an introduction of a buyer through our website our fees will become due upon exchange of contracts and payable upon completion or within thirty
days of exchange whichever is the earlier. If ownership of some or all of the shares of the company forming the Client are transferred or sold to a third party or legal entity then it will be deemed that a sale of the Property has arisen and Commission will be due and payable by the Client to
the Agent within fourteen days of completion of change of ownership or transfer of the shares whichever is the earlier.
If more than one person signs this Agreement liability for payment of our fees will be joint and several which means that we
may apply to either person to pay the full sum owing in fees, costs and any agreed expenses.

Should all or any part of the fees and agreed costs due to us remain outstanding for more than 14 days after the completion
date or more than thirty days from the date of exchange whichever is the earlier, we reserve the right to charge interest at